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About A Jeweller’s Catalogue

Personalized jewelry crafted by hand for your most romantic side.

For the discerning collector of contemporary jewelry, A Jeweller’s Catalogue crafts one-of-a-kind pieces with a vintage aesthetic.

Many of their creations are crafted using gold vermeil, which is an exquisite material that consists of a foundation of sterling silver covered in a thick layer of gold. This high-quality material combines the iridescence of gold with a sturdy foundation that will not exhibit signs of wear over the course of many years.

Each of the designs in their collection is first rendered by hand before being refined with the assistance of the most recent computer technology. The components are meticulously fabricated with the assistance of a 3D printer, and the finishing touches are added by hand. The jewelry that was produced as a consequence has exquisite attention to detail and is intended to become hallmark pieces as well as personal favorites. The use of our works is a lovely approach to infuse the routine aspects of life with a dash of romance and charm.

A Jeweller’s Catalogue is an Asian woman-led company that draws its inspiration from the ability of jewelry to forge relationships, share narratives, and become an integral part of the wearer’s own history. These are pieces of art that are designed to be worn with affection and admired for what they are: works of art. They provide a novel interpretation of the illustrious customs of days gone by, bringing them up to date and reimagining them for the aesthetes, connoisseurs, and other admirers of skillfully crafted jewelry in today’s society.

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+65 8787 6410

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SINGAPORE (238877)