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Abiraame Jewellers

Abiraame Jewellers

Abiraame Jewellers, located in the heart of Singapore, is celebrated for offering unparalleled value to its patrons, ensuring 100% satisfaction with every purchase. Known for its ethos of creating jewels with care and innovation, akin to nurturing a child, Abiraame Jewellers embeds each piece with a unique essence, urging its new guardians to cherish and preserve their beauty indefinitely.

Rooted in the esteemed Chettinad tradition of trustworthiness, the establishment prides itself on its integrity and commitment to excellence. This dedication is mirrored in the craftsmanship of its artisans, who tirelessly work to forge artistic and timeless pieces that complement both essential and luxurious attires, thereby amplifying the wearer’s aura with positivity.

With over 50 years of experience under the guidance of their visionary director, Abiraame Jewellers has mastered the art of spreading joy through their creations. Their portfolio boasts a vast array of original gemstones, dazzling diamonds, and elaborate temple and bridal jewellery, catering to a diverse clientele, including businesswomen and the ultra-modern woman, aiming to transform individual ideas into tangible treasures.

Abiraame Jewellers is not just about adorning oneself with exquisite pieces; it’s about embracing confidence and setting trends with every step. They invite patrons to explore the future of jewellery alongside them, promising an evolution of style that resonates with the contemporary yet timeless spirit of today’s trends.

The origins of Abiraame Jewellers trace back to the ambitious Mr. Palaniappan, who, upon arriving in Singapore from India in 1951 for higher studies, laid the foundation of his future in the jewellery industry through perseverance and dedication. Initially working odd jobs and later earning a partnership in a jewellery shop at the famous Tekka Bazaar, his journey culminated in the establishment of Dickson Goldsmiths in 1968, specializing in gemstones before evolving into the renowned Abiraame Jewellers, dealing in gold and diamond jewellery.

Today, Mr. Palaniappan’s legacy thrives with the support of his family, each member contributing to the growth and innovation of the business. Abiraame Jewellers has become a beacon of fashionable and traditional ethnic jewellery, bringing joy to women across all age groups and maintaining friendly relationships with families across generations. Their ability to anticipate trends and introduce new designs has solidified their status as a preferred choice for those seeking jewellery that truly makes a statement.


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