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AmuletsThai stands as a revered destination for enthusiasts and collectors of Thai amulets, operating under the registration number 53253267L as issued by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. Incorporated as a Sole Proprietor on the 26th of January 2014, this Singapore-based entity has dedicated a decade to the meticulous curation and sale of authentic Thai amulets, crafted by both past and present monks in Thailand. With its registered office located at the Anchorvale Court building, AmuletsThai has solidified its presence within the local and international market as a trusted source of protective charms and collectible pieces.

The AmuletsThai collection encompasses a variety of amulets, each holding unique spiritual significance and aesthetic appeal. These amulets are revered not only for their religious and cultural value but also for their purported protective qualities, serving as talismans that offer spiritual protection to their bearers. The retail sale of costume jewellery, particularly specializing in these significant Thai amulets, constitutes the principal activity of AmuletsThai, catering to a diverse clientele seeking both spiritual solace and cultural enrichment.

Beyond its primary offerings, AmuletsThai extends a warm invitation to potential customers through its online presence and physical location at Golden Mile Tower #02-51, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199589. This welcoming approach is further enhanced by the provision of a WhatsApp contact (+65 98448858), facilitating ease of communication and personalized service to each visitor, whether they are seasoned collectors or newcomers to the world of Thai amulets.

Over the years, AmuletsThai has become more than just a retail entity; it has grown into a vibrant community of individuals passionate about Thai culture, spirituality, and the art of amulet collection. The entity’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction has been instrumental in its sustained operation and growth over the past decade. As AmuletsThai continues to thrive, it remains dedicated to bringing a piece of Thai heritage and protection to its clientele, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the tradition and craftsmanship inherent in each amulet.

Amuletsthai Telephone

+ 65 9844 8858

Amuletsthai Address

Golden Mile Tower #02-51 6001 Beach Road Singapore 199589