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Since its inception in 2000, Arthesdam Jewellery Pte Ltd has established itself as a distinguished gold retailer, wholesaler, and trader of precious metal and precious stone jewellery in Singapore. The company’s name, inspired by the Tamil word for “lucky,” reflects a deep-seated belief in the auspicious nature of gold jewellery. Arthesdam Jewellery embodies this sentiment, aspiring to bring not just style, but also fortune to those adorned in its pieces.

From modest beginnings with a single retail outlet, Arthesdam Jewellery has expanded significantly. Today, it boasts multiple retail stores within Singapore and an extensive international presence through a network of established e-commerce platforms. This growth is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and its ability to resonate with a diverse clientele.

As a proud member of the Singapore Jewellers Association and a certified entity of the Singapore Assay Office, Arthesdam Jewellery upholds the highest standards of quality and authenticity. This affiliation further reinforces the brand’s reputation as a trusted source of fine jewellery.

Arthesdam Jewellery’s vision is to be a leader in the fine jewellery retail and wholesale market in Asia. To achieve this, the company offers an extensive collection of jewellery and a full suite of jewellery-related services, ensuring that quality remains at the core of its offerings. Over the years, Arthesdam Jewellery has consistently delivered on this promise, earning the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Every piece of gold jewellery at Arthesdam Jewellery undergoes stringent testing and certification by the Singapore Assay Office, bearing the SAO Hallmark. This hallmark is Singapore’s only assurance of gold authenticity, providing customers with the utmost confidence in the purity and standard of their purchases. In addition to its commitment to quality, Arthesdam Jewellery offers services such as engraving, personalization, size alteration, welding, repairing, gold plating, and polishing, enhancing the overall customer experience.

The wholesale and bulk purchase segment of Arthesdam Jewellery has been a cornerstone of its business since its foundation. Catering to buyers worldwide, the company has dedicated an office specifically for its wholesale operations, alongside three retail showrooms in Singapore. This approach ensures a tailored and professional service for all clients, regardless of the scale of their needs.

Arthesdam Jewellery stays ahead of the curve with the latest innovative designs and trends, boasting one of the largest varieties of designs available. The company’s ability to replicate specific designs upon request allows for a highly personalized shopping experience. The dedicated and experienced wholesale team offers professional advice and insights, covering everything from design to delivery options.

New sellers and entrepreneurs are particularly welcomed at Arthesdam Jewellery. Understanding the challenges of starting a new business, the company offers flexible packages to those who may not meet the minimum order quantity for bulk orders. This inclusivity and willingness to accommodate different needs underscore Arthesdam Jewellery’s commitment to fostering long-term relationships with clients from various countries and backgrounds.

In conclusion, Arthesdam Jewellery Pte Ltd is more than just a jewellery store; it’s a beacon of luck, quality, and innovation in the fine jewellery sector. With its extensive range of services, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Arthesdam Jewellery continues to shine brightly in Singapore’s competitive jewellery landscape.

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