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Ashoka Global SG Pte Ltd

Ashoka Global SG Pte Ltd
Ashoka Global SG Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, stands out as a premier International Bullion House. Founded and managed by Mr. Monal Thakkar, the company has made significant strides since beginning operations in 2017, specializing in the import and export of precious metals across South East Asia and Australia. Their business extends well beyond regional confines, offering a range of world-renowned bullion products like gold and silver bars, sourced from leading global markets and manufacturers.

Their Online platform is also robust with the Secure Bullion Trading Platform that caters to the needs of global customers, allowing them to trade physical bullion in various sizes, securely and efficiently. This platform is accessible across all devices, ensuring that customers can engage with the market real-time.

In alignment with their mission, Ashoka Global focuses on transparency, fairness, and customer satisfaction, striving to exceed competitors in both quality and pricing. Their vision encapsulates a commitment to growth and integrity, aiming to be the first choice for stakeholders in the precious metals sector.

The company also engages in wholesale trading, equipped with a variety of bullion bars featuring the latest designs and offering LBMA Accredited Gold and Silver bars in major denominations. This is complemented by their technological adoption, highlighted by the Ashoka Global Mobile Trader app available on both Android and iOS, which further simplifies trading functionalities for users worldwide.

Precious Stones and Precious Metals License No. PS20190000869

For more details on their products and services, visit their official website at Ashoka Global.

Ashoka Global SG Telephone

+65 6904 3944

Ashoka Global SG Address

22 Malacca Street #07-01A RB Capital Building Singapore 048980