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Auctus Metal Portfolios is recognized for its innovative approach in managing physical precious metal investments. By strategically balancing and periodically rebalancing clients’ holdings among Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, the company aims to maximize net returns for its clients. Utilizing a proprietary diversification strategy and analyzing 55 variables through live data feeds, Auctus optimizes the weightings of these precious metals in clients’ portfolios. Since its inception in 2016, the company has consistently achieved alpha returns, surpassing the benchmark for Gold.

At the heart of Auctus Metal Portfolios’ success are its core values, which emphasize physical ownership of precious metals without exposure to collateralization, paper trading, or leverage. Clients’ metals are stored in tax-free, segregated vaults insured by Lloyd’s of London at The Singapore Freeport, ensuring security and full ownership. By applying Modern Portfolio Theory to bullion and integrating advanced vaulting and logistics systems, Auctus aims for long-term returns, outperforming both the gold benchmark and a broad range of asset classes.

Addressing a market need for generating returns on physical precious metals while maintaining control and ownership, Auctus has positioned itself as a solution for investors seeking to actively grow their metal holdings. The Provectus Models Management System allows for dynamic adjustments in the portfolio, responding to algorithm-signaled pricing events and aligning with individual risk profiles for actively managed portfolios. This approach has shown to substantially exceed the returns of static precious metal holdings, after accounting for all costs.

Changes in clients’ portfolio mixes are driven by algorithms that have been back-tested over 50 years, targeting pricing anomalies across the five precious metals. These algorithms are reviewed daily, ensuring that each portfolio is tailored to the client’s entry date and chosen investment model.

The leadership of Auctus Metal Portfolios, David J Mitchell and Scott MacRae, brings extensive experience in bullion dealing, financial investment, and logistics. Their in-depth market research and analysis, combined with partnerships with global bullion and logistics companies, enhance clients’ investment returns and provide access to significant liquidity.

Auctus’s proprietary portfolio strategy focuses on exploiting pricing correlation breakdowns among the precious metals to identify profitable trading opportunities. With extensive industry partnerships, Auctus trades at optimal wholesale prices, benefiting its clients with competitive pricing, low trading and vaulting costs, and the expertise of seasoned industry professionals managing their bullion assets.

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