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Who is Audemars Piguet owned by?Audemars Piguet is owned by the founding families, Audemars and Piguet. It is one of the few remaining major watch brands that is still independently owned and managed.
Is AP more luxurious than Rolex?Both Audemars Piguet (AP) and Rolex are prestigious watch brands, but they cater to different segments of the luxury market. AP is often considered more exclusive and offers more intricate and high-end horological complications compared to Rolex, which is renowned for its durability and iconic designs.
How to spot a fake Audemars Piguet?Spotting a fake Audemars Piguet involves checking the watch’s weight, examining the logo and text for precision, verifying the serial and model numbers with the manufacturer, assessing the craftsmanship and detailing, and having the watch authenticated by a professional.
Why is AP so expensive?Audemars Piguet watches are expensive due to their exceptional craftsmanship, use of high-quality materials, complex horological complications, and the brand’s heritage and exclusivity. Each watch is meticulously crafted and often limited in production, adding to its value.
Is AP more expensive than Patek Philippe?Both brands are in the ultra-luxury segment and prices can vary widely depending on the model and complications. Generally, Patek Philippe watches are considered more expensive and are often seen as the pinnacle of watchmaking. However, certain AP models, especially limited editions, can be priced higher than some Patek Philippe models.
Is AP Watch a good investment?Audemars Piguet watches can be a good investment, especially limited editions and iconic models like the Royal Oak. Their value can appreciate over time, particularly if they are well-maintained and kept in excellent condition.
Does AP have resale value?Yes, Audemars Piguet watches typically have good resale value. They are highly sought after in the secondary market, and certain models can sell for a significant premium over their original retail price.
What rank is AP watch?Audemars Piguet is generally ranked among the top luxury watch brands in the world. It is part of the “Holy Trinity” of watchmaking, alongside Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, which are considered the highest tier in the horology industry.
Do all AP watches go up in value?Not all Audemars Piguet watches go up in value. While many models, especially limited editions and iconic designs like the Royal Oak, tend to appreciate, the value of other models can be influenced by factors such as market demand, condition, and rarity. It’s important to research specific models and consult with watch experts before purchasing for investment purposes.

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