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Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s bustling downtown, on the delightful and distinctive Unity Street, Caraters is a gem, providing its clientele with the finest diamond jewellery. A visit to the 11 Unity Street locale transports one into a world of scintillating luxury, where exceptional craftsmanship meets impeccable style.

A well-known name in the realm of diamonds, Caraters’ location is a vibrant part of its appeal. The juxtaposition of the modern, thriving cityscape with the timeless allure of diamonds sets a unique stage. In the heart of Singapore’s throbbing financial and cultural hub, Caraters brings a serene elegance to the fast-paced city life.

At Caraters, diamonds take centre stage. Expert craftsmen work tirelessly to bring out the innate brilliance of every diamond. Each piece of jewellery that leaves the premises is a testament to Caraters’ commitment to quality and attention to detail. No two pieces are identical, each one is a unique masterpiece, embodying the timeless beauty and eternal allure of diamonds.

The brand’s exceptional service extends far beyond the sales counter. Clients are guided through their diamond journey with expert advice and personal consultations. From choosing the perfect diamond to crafting the ideal piece of jewellery, every step is a carefully curated experience.

Distinguished by their unparalleled selection of diamonds, Caraters sources only the best gems, scrutinising each one for its cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. Every diamond in their collection is a reflection of the brand’s commitment to quality and a promise of excellence.

Caraters’ presence on Unity Street brings a touch of sparkle to the city. The perfect amalgamation of urban sophistication and classic elegance, Caraters is more than a diamond boutique, it is a destination. A visit to Caraters is a journey into the world of diamonds – a journey that promises to be as unforgettable as the gems themselves.

Whether you’re on a quest for the perfect engagement ring, a timeless wedding band, a special gift, or simply a stunning addition to your personal collection, Caraters provides an unrivalled diamond shopping experience. Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s dynamic cityscape, Caraters shines bright, a beacon of luxury on Unity Street. Welcome to the dazzling world of Caraters, where every diamond tells a story and every piece of jewellery is a masterpiece. Discover the Caraters experience at 11 Unity Street, Singapore.

Trilliant Cut Diamonds

Trilliant cut diamonds

Caraters, a reputable diamond retailer, presents the uniquely attractive trilliant cut diamonds to its customers with a distinctive flair. Trilliant cut diamonds, alternatively known as trillion cut diamonds, represent a specific diamond shape with three points and straight or rounded sides, emulating a Trigon — a natural triangular crystal form of a rough diamond.

In selling trilliants, Caraters focuses on the remarkable features that make these diamonds stand out. The name ‘Trilliant diamond’ merges ‘Triangle’ and ‘Brilliant’ to denote a memorable term used within diamond dealing. The term ‘Triangle’ alludes to the shape, while ‘Brilliant’ represents the angular faceting that imparts the diamond with its luminosity

Trilliant cut diamonds usually sport around 44 to 50 facets, and their facet distribution can add extra brilliance and fire to the gemstone.

When discussing diamond quality, Caraters would explain the concept of diamond colour and clarity grades. The grade “E VS2” represents one such example. In this context, ‘E’ symbolises the diamond colour, which is practically colourless, indicating a high-quality stone. ‘VS2’, on the other hand, is a clarity grade, suggesting that the diamond has very small inclusions that are hard to spot with the naked eye, making it a nearly flawless diamond.

This specific grade combination represents an excellent balance between cost and quality, as the diamond has a near-perfect colour and clarity that doesn’t drastically inflate its price.

Thus, Caraters employs a comprehensive approach while marketing and selling trilliant cut diamonds, with a keen focus on the unique features of this diamond shape and an in-depth explanation of diamond quality grades to assist customers in making informed decisions.


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