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In November 2015, a significant development in the precious metal recovery industry in Asia was marked by the collaboration between Mastermelt Ltd and ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd, leading to the inception of ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd. This venture combined the strengths of Mastermelt’s extensive expertise in precious metals with ECO’s robust waste management facilities and experience, setting a new standard for precious metal recovery services across the Asian market.

The formation of ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd represents a strategic alignment of two industry leaders, leveraging their synergies to introduce an advanced model of precious metal refining to the Asian sector. This model emphasizes transparency, consistency, and accuracy, ensuring that customers receive the highest possible value for their materials. The collaboration has culminated in the establishment of the ECO-Mastermelt Precious Metal Recovery Plant, which was completed in October 2016. Located at ECO’s site in Tuas, Singapore, the plant is a testament to the venture’s commitment to leading the industry in innovation and service quality.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the plant boasts a current group thermal treatment capacity in excess of 230 tonnes per month. It utilizes advanced technology for the thermal treatment of precious metal residues, along with sophisticated sampling and assaying techniques. The facilities have gained approval and are regularly audited by major global PGM (Platinum Group Metals) refining partners, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards. Moreover, the incorporation of Best Available Technology, including proprietary IP protected processes transferred to Singapore, further solidifies ECO-Mastermelt’s position at the forefront of precious metal recovery.

Environmental responsibility is a cornerstone of ECO-Mastermelt’s operations. The company prides itself on a sustained record of investment in plant and controls designed to not only meet but exceed current and future planned environmental legislation. This commitment extends beyond the company’s operations, promoting environmental sustainable development for customers as well. ECO-Mastermelt offers assistance to customers in moving hazardous goods, not only within the UK but also across international borders, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship in every aspect of its operations.

To minimize waste and maximize recovery processes, ECO-Mastermelt adopts a policy that focuses on optimizing the use of resources. This approach benefits both the company and its customers, reducing environmental impact and enhancing efficiency. The Tuas facility operates with all required licenses in place, and the application of ISO 14001 & 9001 certifications further demonstrates the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of environmental management and quality control.

As ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd continues to serve the Asian market, its innovative approach to precious metal recovery sets a new benchmark in the industry. Through its strategic partnership, advanced technological capabilities, and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, ECO-Mastermelt is poised to lead the way in delivering value and sustainability for its customers. This venture not only symbolizes a significant advancement in precious metal recovery services but also reflects a broader commitment to fostering sustainable practices within the industry.

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