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ETI International Consulting

ETI International Consulting

ETI International Consulting, registered with the unique entity number 52955258B, as provided by the Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority in Singapore, is a dynamic entity that seamlessly blends the precision of time with the expertise of consultancy. Incorporated on the 20th of October, 2001, and situated within the bustling MIDVIEW CITY, this partnership has been a pillar in its field for over two decades.

With a primary focus on the retail sale of watches and clocks, ETI International Consulting has earned a reputation for offering an exquisite selection of timepieces that cater to both the aesthetic preferences and the practical needs of its clientele. As an entity that appreciates the value of time, it’s no surprise that they have successfully ticked along for 22 years, marking each moment with steadfast dedication to quality and customer service.

The secondary aspect of the partnership’s operations delves into the realm of management consultancy services, where general advice and tailored strategies are crafted to enhance business performance. This dual specialization positions ETI International Consulting as a unique provider of both tangible products and intangible expertise.

Under the guidance of Principal Judy Toh, the firm extends its reach into the technological sphere, dealing in computer peripherals and accessories, and mobile phones and accessories. Their involvement in trading companies further showcases their adaptability and understanding of diverse market needs.

The intersection of technology and timekeeping, supplemented with consultancy prowess, makes ETI International Consulting a noteworthy and versatile player in the competitive Singaporean market. For businesses looking to synchronize with the latest trends in timekeeping technology or seeking strategic insights to clock in success, ETI International Consulting stands as a testament to the power of integrating different facets of commerce under one proficient partnership.

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22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Midview City, Singapore (573969)