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Everest Gold Pte Ltd

Everest Gold Pte Ltd

Everest Gold emerged as Asia’s pioneering digital gold trading platform, distinguished by its innovative approach to making gold investment accessible to a wider audience. With a commitment to transparency and security, Everest Gold was backed by 100% real gold, offering a solid foundation for its users’ investments. The platform’s operations were regulated under the stringent guidelines of the Precious Stones and Precious Metals Act 2019 by the Ministry of Law of Singapore, ensuring compliance with high standards of legal and operational integrity.

A standout feature of Everest Gold was its ability to democratize the gold trading process by offering wholesale commodity prices, which traditionally had been the privilege of large-scale investors. By setting an ultra-low investment threshold of just 1 gram, approximately valued at USD 60, Everest Gold made it feasible for individuals to begin investing in gold with minimal initial capital. This innovative approach opened up new avenues for personal investment, catering to a diverse range of investors seeking stability and profitability in their portfolios.

Everest Gold redefined the gold trading experience by introducing a platform where the absolute pricing of gold was readily available, and trades could be executed around the clock, any day of the week. This level of accessibility, combined with the elimination of transaction fees, presented an unprecedented level of flexibility and efficiency for buying and selling gold. The platform’s user-friendly interface allowed for quick and easy transactions, simplifying the investment process and making it more approachable than ever before.

Despite its groundbreaking contributions to the digital gold trading landscape, Everest Gold Pte Ltd made the decision to cease operations, with its last day of business marked on 31 December 2021. This closure brought an end to a platform that had reshaped the way individuals could invest in gold, leaving a legacy of innovation and accessibility in the world of precious metals trading. Everest Gold’s vision of making gold investment universally accessible set a benchmark in the industry, highlighting the potential for technology to transform traditional investment practices.

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