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Gee Wee Jewellery, located at The Shaw Centre on 1 Scotts Road, is a family-operated business specializing in custom jewelry design, precision diamond setting, and professional jewelry repair. They are known for their hands-on approach to creating unique, made-to-order pieces tailored to individual preferences and styles.

Their service is straightforward and client-focused, ensuring that each customer’s vision for their jewellery comes to life. With an emphasis on custom design, Gee Wee allows customers to be involved in every step, from initial design to the selection of stones, and through to the final creation of their piece.

Diamond setting is one of their core strengths, with an assurance of quality and attention to the secure placement of every gemstone. Gee Wee’s expertise ensures that the diamonds are not only secure but set in a way that enhances their natural brilliance.

Recognizing that jewellery often has sentimental value, Gee Wee also offers repair services. They handle common wear and tear or more extensive damage with the same level of care and expertise as they do their new creations.

In a nutshell, Gee Wee Jewellery is about delivering personalized service and skilled craftsmanship. They provide a straightforward solution for those looking to create or maintain high-quality jewellery pieces.

Gee Wee Jewellery Telephone

+65 6733 9788

Gee Wee Jewellery Address

1 Scotts Rd, #03-19, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208