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Haniffa Jewellers

Haniffa Jewellers Pte. Ltd. evolved from the esteemed legacy of Haniffa Textiles Pte Ltd, a company founded by Mr. O K Mohamed Haniffa in 1962. What began as a modest enterprise in a small shophouse has burgeoned into a multinational presence, boasting two outlets in Singapore located at 118 Dunlop Street and 60 Serangoon Road, alongside three outlets in Malaysia—Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Klang—and an export house in India. Initially focused solely on textiles, the company expanded its horizons to include a vast array of products, among which jewellery became a standout department.

The transformation into Haniffa Pte Ltd was strategic, aimed at dispelling any misconceptions that the company was purely a textile entity. This rebranding was crucial in highlighting the diversity of its offerings, which by then included not just textiles but also jewellery, electronics, electrical products, toiletries, and food products. Among these, the jewellery department emerged as a significant aspect of Haniffa Pte Ltd, adding a lustrous dimension to its department store persona.

Haniffa Jewellers Pte. Ltd., as a part of this diversified venture, signifies the company’s foray into the exquisite world of gems and precious metals. Despite the broadened scope, textiles—particularly silk sarees—remain the company’s hallmark, with Haniffa Pte Ltd renowned as the premier destination for silk sarees in Singapore. The company takes pride in offering an exclusive range of silk sarees, many of which are only available in its stores.

In embracing the jewellery business, Haniffa Jewellers Pte. Ltd. has effectively leveraged its established reputation for quality and exclusivity, extending these values to its collection of fine jewellery. This addition not only enriches the shopping experience for its clientele but also positions Haniffa Pte Ltd as a multifaceted department store that caters to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences, from traditional textiles to sparkling jewels. As Haniffa Pte Ltd continues to grow and evolve, its jewellery department stands as a testament to the company’s dynamic expansion and unwavering commitment to excellence in all its ventures.

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+65 6339 0926

Haniffa Jewellers Address

118 Dunlop St, Singapore 209437