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Haniffa Pte Ltd

Haniffa Pte Ltd

Haniffa Pte Ltd traces its origins back to 1962 when Mr. O K Mohamed Haniffa founded Haniffa Textiles Pte Ltd. Starting from modest beginnings in a small shop house, the company has since flourished into a multinational presence. Today, Haniffa Pte Ltd boasts two outlets in Singapore, located at 118 Dunlop Street and 60 Serangoon Road, alongside three outlets in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Klang – as well as an export house in India.

Originally focusing solely on textiles, Haniffa Pte Ltd has significantly expanded its product range over the years. The company now offers a diverse selection of items, including jewellery, electronics, electrical products, toiletries, and food products. This broadened product line is a testament to the company’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the varied needs of its customers.

The decision to rebrand from Haniffa Textiles Pte Ltd to Haniffa Pte Ltd was driven by a desire to clarify the company’s extensive offering beyond just textiles. This change was strategic, aiming to eliminate any misconception about the company’s scope of business and to more accurately reflect its diversified product range.

Despite the diversification, textiles remain the cornerstone of Haniffa Pte Ltd’s business, with the company priding itself on being the premier destination for silk sarees in Singapore. Haniffa Pte Ltd’s commitment to quality and exclusivity is evident in its comprehensive range of silk sarees, many of which are exclusively available in its stores. This specialization underscores Haniffa Pte Ltd’s expertise and enduring strength in the textiles domain, marking it as a distinguished leader in the market.

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+65 6339 0926

Haniffa Pte Ltd Address

118 Dunlop St, Singapore 209437