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IPM Group Pte Ltd aka Indigo Precious Metals Review

IPM Group Pte Ltd: Singapore's top dealer in gold, silver, and other precious metals, offering secure vault storage and global insured delivery.

About Indigo Precious Metals

IPM Group Pte Ltd, based and incorporated in Singapore (Company Number: 201428070N) PSPM No. PS20190001114, operates as the leading entity in the physical precious metals market, specialising in the supply and delivery of investment-grade metals. The company provides these metals directly to clients through solely allocated, bonded vaulted accounts or delivers them worldwide.

The company excels in the purchase and sale of gold and silver in the form of bars or coins, along with investment-grade bars in Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Their services cater to private individuals, institutional investors, financial advisors, and family trusts. With registrations and operations in Singapore and Malaysia, and partnerships in Australia, IPM Group primarily serves an international clientele across continents including Europe, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada, South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

IPM Group is committed to facilitating investments in top-tier monetary and inflation-proof hard assets. Their business practices are built around core principles that include providing professional service support at all times, offering access to the world’s leading storage facilities, and maintaining wholly segregated, allocated vaulted accounts in the client’s family name. They also offer competitive storage fees, deep liquidity for buying and selling, and ongoing market research and support to enhance client benefits.

The company’s e-commerce platform and email newsletters keep customers informed about the latest investment news, live pricing, and exclusive offers. IPM Group also ensures a streamlined and secure approach to acquiring classic investment vehicles like investment-grade physical bullion, sovereign mint coins, and critical metals. Their services are tailored for private individuals, asset managers, and family trusts interested in purchasing precious metal bullion coins or bars up to 1,000 ounces per item.

IPM Group maintains a flexible approach to trading, with no minimum size requirements across any of the currency pages and options available for online orders. For larger investments, personal consultations via telephone or email are encouraged to meet specific client needs. The company is able to offer attractive pricing due to direct purchases from refiners, mints, and international wholesale suppliers.

With decades of collective experience in the banking and investment sectors, the IPM Group team is highly proficient in managing all aspects of precious metals trading, including procurement, transportation, storage, and insurance. This extensive expertise ensures that every customer receives the most suitable solutions for their investment needs.

Why buy from Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals (IPM Group) and its affiliates in Singapore, London, and Malaysia are dedicated to the exclusive supply of physical precious metals, spanning five key metal groups: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Alongside these offerings, they provide access to Rare Earth or, more accurately, Critical Metals, and offer physically audited gram saving programs.

Their services facilitate simple asset diversification, with options for direct delivery or storage in some of the world’s safest and fully allocated vaults located at Singapore Freeport, known for its robust security measures.

Cost Advantages of Dealing with Indigo: The pricing structure for retail investments in precious metals by Indigo is influenced by various factors including the business model, funding costs, operational expenses, and profit margin expectations. Indigo strives to minimise these costs by sourcing metals as cost-effectively as possible from multiple contracted sources, ensuring a competitive premium over market prices.

Simplicity in Service: Indigo places a high value on customer relationships and has designed its business model with simplicity at its core. The user-friendly navigation of their e-commerce site reflects their focus on client experience, which is continually refined to enhance customer satisfaction. They offer multiple acquisition methods tailored to meet individual client needs.

Experience and Expertise: The team at IPM Group possesses extensive experience in the banking and investment sector, dealing daily with the buying, selling, transport, storage, and insurance of precious metals. They actively engage with their clients to advise on the best investment choices tailored to their specific requirements.

Direct Pricing Advantages: By holding direct contracts with metal refiners, IPM Group eliminates intermediaries, allowing for reduced margins and ensuring trust in the quality of their products. They offer flexible payment options in six different currencies.

Strategic Locations: Operating from strategic locations in Singapore and Malaysia, with partnerships in London and Australia, IPM Group is positioned in regions that recognise the significance of precious metals as investment products, providing a solid foundation for customer investments.

Secure and Cost-Effective Storage: IPM Group offers cost-effective, customer-allocated storage in one of the world’s most secure vaults at Singapore Freeport, a state-of-the-art facility operating in a duty-free zone adjacent to Changi Airport. This facility provides superior vaulting protection for wealth, with the option for customers to physically access and withdraw their holdings upon request.

IPM Group’s approach to storage ensures that each customer’s holdings are individually allocated and fully insured, reflecting the present world prices of the metals, with regular updates provided through quarterly statements and invoices. This model differentiates significantly from unallocated holdings, offering customers outright ownership and secure investment storage solutions.

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+65 6223 0185

Indigo Precious Metals Address

23 Amoy St, Singapore 069858