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Ishtara Jewellery stands out in the Singaporean market as a leading jewellery brand, renowned for its unique designs, contemporary range, and affordable pricing.

The word Ishtara comes from the Sanskrit words “Ishq,” meaning Love, and “Tara,” meaning Star. The brand is celebrated for honouring the beauty of women through its designs. Its exceptional understanding of customer needs has allowed it to deliver the perfect blend of Quality, Craftsmanship, and outstanding Customer Service, propelling Ishtara to a leadership position in the jewellery industry. Notably, Ishtara was the first Singaporean Jeweller to be honoured with the prestigious World Diamond Mark.

Mr Parthiban Murugaiyan, the esteemed owner and founder of Ishtara Jewellery, also helms Luvenus Jewellery with distinguished leadership. His entrepreneurial prowess was nationally recognised when he was declared the overall winner of the Rotary Singapore ASME New Entrepreneur of the Year Award on 21st November 2014. This accolade underlines his innovative vision and outstanding contribution to the jewellery industry.

The inception of Luvenus, a brand named after the harmonious blend of ‘Luminous’ and ‘Venus’, reflects Mr Murugaiyan’s inspiration to embody impeccable beauty and light through jewellery. Since its unveiling at Changi Airport, Luvenus has secured a dedicated patronage, thanks to its unique and varied designs. The brand has become synonymous with pieces that are not only sought-after but also deeply treasured.

The brand boasts an extensive collection of exquisitely crafted pieces in Gold, Diamonds, and Gemstones, firmly believing in meeting every customer’s needs with superior quality and exceptional service.

Vision Ishtara aspires to be the premier jewellery brand serving the niche market in Singapore, fulfilling consumer demands with a comprehensive range of services and products.

Mission Its mission is to offer top-tier gold jewellery distinguished by affordably priced, unique designs and contemporary range, appealing to middle-class consumers of all ages.

Ishtara distinguishes itself not merely as a jewellery retailer but as a customer service organisation dedicated to jewellery sales.

Quality & Purity Each piece of 22K gold jewellery is certified with a 916 seal, and all diamond jewellery is accompanied by authenticity certificates from globally respected organisations.

Unique Designs Ishtara’s distinctive designs are sourced from Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Turkey, and South Africa, ensuring uniqueness and diversity.

Affordable Price The brand prides itself on offering unbeatable prices without compromising quality.

35 Years Singapore Brand Over 35 years, Ishtara has established itself as a trusted jeweller, committed to excellence throughout its journey.

Trusted Jewellery The brand is dedicated to ensuring customers receive the best deals available.

Friendly Staff A team of highly trained sales experts is always ready to provide attentive service and meet customer demands.

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111, Serangoon Road, S218016