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Poh Kim Jewellery

Poh Kim Jewellery

Poh Kim Jewellery Trading, now rebranded as Poh Kim Diamond & Gem Pte Ltd, offers an extensive array of products that cater to various significant life events and personal milestones. Their impressive selection includes engagement rings, wedding bands, and a variety of wedding accessories, as well as jewelry suited for all other occasions.

Poh Kim sets itself apart with its commitment to personalized service. Customers have the unique opportunity to design their own wedding jewelry, allowing them to create bespoke, customized engagement rings that truly reflect their personal style and love story. 

This ability to personalize products adds a deeply personal touch to their offerings, making Poh Kim Diamond & Gem a standout choice for those seeking to mark their special moments with something uniquely theirs. 

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or celebrating another special occasion, Poh Kim provides both traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs to meet diverse tastes and preferences.

Poh Kim Jewellery Telephone

+65 6271 9534

Poh Kim Jewellery Address

1092 Lower Delta Rd, #06-01, Singapore 169203