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The Jewel Box


The Jewel Box, nestled at 360 Orchard Road #05-04 International Building in Singapore, has distinguished itself as the premier destination for bespoke jewellery, offering an unrivaled personalized service. With over three decades of crafting heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, The Jewel Box stands as a testament to the art of bringing personal stories, achievements, and dreams to life through exquisite designs. Each creation, handcrafted by Master Craftsmen employing both traditional and modern techniques, is a reflection of the wearer’s passions, rendered into reality with the most precious metals and finest stones.

Founded in 1994 by Vinod and Sangeeta More, following years in the diamond and gemstone business in Hong Kong, The Jewel Box was born out of a desire to provide customers with a truly personal experience. Their profound expertise in precious metals, stones, and jewellery design, combined with their professional education in gemmology, design, manufacture, and investment, culminated in the establishment of The Jewel Box as a private gallery dedicated solely to fine bespoke jewellery.

The Jewel Box is committed to ethical sourcing, adhering to the Kimberley Process to ensure that all diamonds are procured from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts, in compliance with UN resolutions. Furthermore, the company is regulated by the Ministry of Law for anti-money laundering purposes and countering the financing of terrorism and proliferation.

Clients seeking a personalized experience are welcomed into The Jewel Box Atelier for one-on-one consultations with Vinod and Sangeeta, where they can explore the tactile comfort and quality of handcrafted jewellery, discuss design preferences, and select materials and gemstones. The couple’s dedication to overseeing the design and quality of every piece has earned The Jewel Box critical acclaim as one of the region’s leading private jewellers.

The services offered by The Jewel Box encompass buying diamonds and precious stones, jewellery consultation, redesign and resetting, styling, and crafting precious momentos. Additionally, the company facilitates jewellery insurance liaison, connecting clients with agents for comprehensive protection. With its commitment to excellence and personalized touch, The Jewel Box continues to illuminate the world of bespoke jewellery, making every piece a testament to its wearer’s unique journey.

The Jewel Box Telephone

+65 6733 4100

The Jewel Box Address

360 Orchard Road #05-04, International Building, Singapore 238869